And I thought picking a baby name was hard

18 02 2008

So, we have been trying to decide on a name for our farm.

Chad and I started with the idea of Four Horsemen Farm. We thought the Apocalyptical tone weirdly appropriate, and hysterical to boot. Kirby didn’t like it.

Kirby wants it called Blue Lily Farm because there are a lot of blue lilies that grow on the property. Chad and I feel this is lacking a certain je ne sais quoi…

Upon talking about it, Chad and I want a name that encompasses not only what is on the land, but the spirit in which the land is worked. And this is where you people come in.

I want suggestions of a name that incorporates a spirit of learning, and curiosity. (School of Crop?) Maybe something that implies stewardship of the land, and providing for future generations. Something that will look good on a T-shirt, yet connotes inherent tastiness. That isn’t too hard to come up with, is it?

What do you have for us, my intelligent friends with large vocabularies?

The winner receives…Umm…Never-ending gratitude? A free T-shirt with the farm logo on it? A big box of produce? We’ll set up a barter of some sort…




14 responses

19 02 2008

my lame suggestion:

Toil and Trouble Farm.

obvious literary origins (“macbeth”). gives the impression of both a hard-workin’ AND hard-partyin’ farm. for a logo, something in the vein of this:

or, if daring, something in the style of early socialist propaganda posters.

20 02 2008

I keep thinking about how brave and exemplary I think you guys are for the way you guys are going after your dreams. . . which brought to mind “Dreamcatcher Farm”. But I’m not crazy about it. I also thought of “Ballsy Bounty”. Ya know, as in brave. Not sure if that’s appropriate. Lastly, I keep thinking about how you guys are just 2 little yous, taking on this huge thing, like the little engine that could. So, you could be the “Little Enginge Farm”. David and Goliath gets a little too Bibley for me. Anyway, I’ll go back to the drawing board. Loves! And I know I owe you a call. . . I’m the worst.

20 02 2008
Ben Rosenberg

I know the last thing you’d think of is something that stems from economics, but hear me out. The origin of the the word economics is greek, coming from 2 words, Oikos – which means house – and Nomos – which means law. Thus “Oikonomie”, showing economics isn’t about money, or finance, or business, but about being a steward of your house, most efficiently and benevolently using your resources to create happiness. So I’m going to suggest something using these greek terms, perhaps cutting it down to “Konomi Farm” or “Oikos Farm”, or you could just do “Nomos Farm” (Farm of Stewards). Just a thought.

21 02 2008
Barry Quilhot

How about Food for a better Planet? a little earth friendly thing. A little more hippie but Home Grown foods?

21 02 2008
Barry Quilhot

Let’s not get too esoteric here.

22 02 2008

How about Arden-Hanna?

1 03 2008
Uncle C

well heres my suggestion. it’s likely you’re going to eventually offer much more than planned and so I think “farm” is too narrow of a term. This will make Kirby happy too. “Blue Lily Provisions” has a great old fashioned sense and hey why don’t you name the baby Lily too. Of course when you become very famous and you want to start a reality show it can be “Blue Lily Productions” Somehow I see a nickname coming out of this for her too L’ll Blue

1 03 2008

You need something clever and witty, but also concise. The Potato Buggery maybe? Even I think that sucks but I’ll put it on the back burner and get back to you.

2 03 2008

Ok..I’ve thought about it and I’ve always liked the companies that combine the names of the principles…so how about Charielle Farm. Then when someone asks what “Charielle” means you can say it’s French for “eco-friendly” or whatever. We once wanted to start a bed and breakfast/horse farm (long ago and far away) and since I’m partial to red, I wanted it called “Red Door Farm”. I even painted our house door red and had a sign made…so in that light, how about “Green Door Farm”. I must say though, I also think Blue Lily Farm has a really nice ring to it. And you could do a lot with a logo. That’s my 10 cents worth. Hope you’re well.

2 03 2008

one more thought…Manifest Destiny Farm? And I quote “The very idea of manifest destiny encouraged men and women to dream big dreams.”’s a stretch, but…

2 03 2008

Soooo i think a possibility could be ‘reciprical farms’ or, what i like more, would be the latin “reciprocus” which means “returning” or “giving with the intent of receiving” or the greek “recoprokos” which means “backward and forward”. recoprokos farms thats my favorite! you could design cool logos with that i think. and it has different levels of meaning : )

2 03 2008

i have also just read that there have been two ancient greek suggestions. so maybe ancient greek is the way to go? i wonder how one say’s “be excellent to one another” from the language of the time when the world looked a lot like the cover of houses of the holy. cause that could be your slogan. ha ha!!

2 03 2008

just brainstorming:
our land
earthly delectables? ehhh
(the) good earth? – via that book you told me about

i’ll try to come up with more.

2 03 2008

also, i googled oregon indian tribes and came up with this site:
perhaps you could find out the native peoples’ name of the land/region and work with that? ask them about their notions of stewardship and relationship to the land?

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