What is Going on.

6 02 2008

Well, let the onslaught begin. As you all might have assumed we have little to no conception of how to set up an organic farm. And in these months, it is finally time to test all that we have learned through classes, personal studies, and long drawn out conversations.

As part of our activation it is necessary to maintain focus on our goals, yet maintain a predisposition to change. Our misjudgments and miscalculations will abound, I am sure!

We have started receiving seeds in the mail, and the erection of the greenhouse is a painful study in janky construction. The field is still too wet to plow, disk and till at the moment, but as soon as it dries out we need to do that immediately. Today I think some plants will be sown into transplant containers for sowing into the ground as youngin’s. Also Gabrielle has come up with a semi-complete list of all the stuff that we are planting and the dates that they are sown in. That can be viewed here:


Lastly, we have been setting up communications with breweries in the area about starting some small scale hops production for local brews. We have also come into contact with a man that does rainwater collection systems for irrigation purposes. We have also been getting estimates from solar installers. If things work out the way that we want them then we can get the VAPG grant to offset some of the costs incured by planning these programs.

That is all for today.




2 responses

6 02 2008
The Flopster Himself

Sounds like things are slowly coming together for you two!

I would suggest mice powered generators? (farms have tons of mice…right?)

Any thoughts on goats for milk/cheese? (From what I hear they are less strenuous on the environment. Also sheep to make wool?

10 02 2008

We’d love to have goats. That is in the 5 year plan. We have other things to learn and take care of first though!

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