zion scion

1 02 2008

With farm improvements abound, we are now surveying our capacity to use rainwater collection systems in order to optimize our irrigation and water usage capabilities. These would collect rainwater that used to enter the ground, but now is unused with building structures where plants used to be. All roof runoff would be collected during the rainy season as license exempt forms of water for crop irrigation usage. These would be collected in storage tanks in discrete locations throughout the property.

Currently our water situation is minimal with access only to ground water through a well with legal ability to irrigate a total of 1/2 of an acre of land. Adding water storage facilities would increase our ability to adequately provide for our crops. In addition to ground, we maintain possibilities of surface water with a pond, and maybe have a functional spring on the property. Gaining access to both these sources would provide more irrigation support for expansion of crop acreage. They also create a potential for a system of integrated water design with conservation and stewardship in mind while advancing growing capacity.

Finding funding through state and federal grants and various tax incentive projects can help bring this environmentally sound project for water usage closer to becoming operational. Hence, it would bring our farm one step closer to sustainability practices we idealize.




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